Leaking Shower Repairs

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You might need the service of our leaking shower repairs Sydney experts if you have leaking showers and leaking bathrooms. If left unchecked can cause serious damage to your home. Cracked and missing tiles or grout of any kind will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage. You may only have a small crack but it can be very effective in causing long-term damage and dampness throughout. We offer immediate repair services for shower leaks. Our professionals use high-quality materials to seal leaky showers so they won’t cause further damage. In addition, we install new shower heads and dismantle old ones if needed. New shower heads can prevent future leaks and help you save money on your monthly water bills.

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining all the issues and solutions that are available to you, along with any recommended rectifications. Your local plumbers will then get right to work fixing the problem as quickly as possible, without causing too much disruption to your daily life. Shower leaks can often be fixed within 24 hours.

Apex Plumbing Solutions uses state-of-the-art water leak detection systems to access the causes and apply the most efficient and long-lasting fix. Repairs to leaking showers can include resealing, re-grouting tiles, applying waterproofing membranes, tiling, screen replacements and plumbing. All leaking shower repairs are carried out by highly qualified and fully insured Apex Plumbing Solutions experts using the highest quality products. We offer exceptional service and guaranteed quality finishes. Don’t watch your money go down the drain, for affordable and efficient leaking shower repairs Sydney please call Apex Plumbing Solutions today!

Grouting & Tiling Service Sydney

Apex Plumbing Solutions is one of the top grouting & tiling service Sydney providers that you can trust for all of your bathroom renovation and tile installation or repair needs. We offer a full suite of services to help complete any project in a timely and affordable manner. Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or building a brand-new one we can provide everything you need to make your dream bathroom a reality. From tiling to plumbing, we do it all.

Engaging the services of a professional tiling contractor will allow you to reduce your costs considerably. In fact, if you like the existing tiles, cannot afford new ones or just see the sense in keeping what you already own, a tile re-grouting service is perfect.

As one of the top plumbing contractors in the area, we are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer service. We know how important your home’s appearance is, so our plumbers make sure they do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the final clean-up, we strive to provide the best experience possible.

Usually, you’ll know because water had become evident elsewhere in your home. Peeling, missing, or mouldy silicone is the first clue that water has entered your home. If left untreated, this will lead to a waterproofing failure over the course of time. Other signs include damp carpets, sagging or rotted architraves or skirtings, missing grout between tile floors, and damp stains or smells.

Normal shower services will leave no noticeable or lasting smell in the bathroom. Should any silicone or sealant leave a slight odour it will dissipate very quickly.

Before the shower service, please make sure the flooring is completely dry. We do not recommend using the shower or shower bath during the service. Water can cause serious damage if left unattended. Please note that we cannot guarantee that showers will not leak during the service.

You will have the choice of having the cracked tiles repaired and any loose tiles removed cleaned and re-glued. Repairing leaking showers can involve replacing some tiles or even re-gluing some existing tiles.

We do a pressure check and moisture check for free. That means you will save yourself money when you call us.

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