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Apex Plumbing Solutions offers complete non-hacking waterproofing treatment for your toilets, bathrooms, showers, roof, balconies, etc. Our waterproofing specialists also provide FREE an on-site consultation and estimates!

Flood Infusion Treatment

Utilising waterproofing chemicals that is waterborne and dampness sealing for concrete and masonry substrates.

PU Grouting Injection

Involves the injection of expanding polyurethane to stop any water flowing down or through cracks or to fill voids under slab.

Fibreglass System

Due to the various features and attributes of fibre glass, this product is used in various waterproofing applications like on balconies or concrete roofs!

Torch On Membrane

It creates a comparatively strong membrane layer that is made up of polymers and bitumen that protects that layer against moistures.

  • Inspect

    Apex Plumbing Solutions will carry out a detailed inspection of the shower you have at your Sydney properties, which will enable us to determine the best method of approach to repair your leaking shower!

  • Explain

    Apex Plumbing Solutions team will in fact explain to you all the issues that you have with your leaking shower, in order to advice you how we will repair your leaking shower using the methods we provide.

  • Waterproof

    To begin with, Apex Plumbing Solutions team will quote you a fixed price. At this instant, once we get the approval we will go ahead and finalise the repairs required with quality workmanship guaranteed.

About Kellyville

Kellyville is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, in the let in of New South Wales, Australia 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central thing district in the local government area of The Hills Shire. It is part of the Hills District region.

Bathroom Waterproofing Kellyville

Toilets and bathrooms are the most common root to leakage complication especially in older houses. Over time waterproofing membrane in the cement ground breakdown or worn out usually from cleaning or showering. Water sips through between the tiles and might sometimes cause water damage to the ceiling below or neighbouring wall. The most common problem found is ceiling drop off due to wet cement or paint beginning to peel off or change in colour. Take a look into our Google Reviews to see what our services are like.

Our bathroom/ toilet waterproofing explanation target to seal off this from surface to root. Our flood infusion method is more cost effective than hacking of tiles to re-lay a new layer of water proofing membrane and tiles. As a waterproofing specialist and contractor in Kellyville, we strive to provide the best service and quality while keeping the prices affordable and competitive. Our waterproofing specialists are committed to deal with your waterproofing issues. You can be guaranteed that you will seize only quality services by our waterproofing contractors.

Floor Waterproofing Kellyville

No one wants to have a inactive puddle lying on the floor. However, this is one of the explanations of leaving water seepage unsolved and not having professional floor waterproofing done in a household. Not only will this damage your flooring, but it can lead to several potential accidents. You would never wish to stand in a puddle of water in your home. Homeowners must hear the importance of waterproofing floors as this will affect the condition of your house in the long run. Therefore, waterproofing floor is known to be very helpful and needed for your home in the long run. But you need to call for expert help in this regard.

Before even considering the decorative interiors of your house, ensure that your contractor is well-aware of various waterproofing requirements needed for subfloors. If you’re unfamiliar with what subfloors are, they are the foundation flooring found underneath your tiles. Our waterproofing contractors in Kellyville  2155 are highly trained, certified and experienced to handle any waterproofing dilemmas. Feel free to contract us and we will assign a waterproofing Kellyville experts to visit you shortly. Consultation and quotation will be catered for after inspection has been carried out.

Balcony Waterproofing Kellyville

Our balconies experiences extreme weather conditions such as hot weather or stormy days. This can contribute to the cause for water leaking in the long run. As the balconies stands expose to the extremities of weather and other environmental factors, the variation in temperature as well as exposure to rain water is likely to create leaks and damps. When the waterproofing membrane of the balcony becomes compromise, and a leakage occurs, it can be a real hassle for the family or your neighbour. It is your responsibility to keep your home away from these issues, thus it is important that your balcony’s waterproofing remains strong.

Apex Plumbing Solutions insures that your structure is waterproofed, which means that it will remain unaffected by water. We apply modern water repelling coatings, membranes, and other modern techniques. We help to inspect your houses and commercial buildings, and accurately determine the areas that need to be waterproofed. We also deal with leakages and prevent water from entering your areas through cracks.

Roof Waterproofing Kellyville

Any structure or building requires waterproofing works as the concrete is unlikely to be water-resistant on its own. Most flats nowadays are basically built using reinforced cement concrete, a material that supposedly abolishes all the issues typically experienced by a flat roof. However, such material still needs to be waterproofed. As such, only engage in the waterproofing Kellyville services of a trusted waterproofing company to ensure that your roofs will be free from any leakages.

Waterproofing can be a tedious process. It is usually used so that a structure will strive in environments that are often in contact with water. However, it is also important that whether commercial or residential, that a structure is kept water-resistance, so that it will be unaffected by water and its damaging effects. We do many types of waterproofing in Kellyville to suit all kinds of structures. As roofs and terraces are mostly exposed to the changes in weather, they are commonly more prone to damages, which then leads to water leakages inside the building. Ensuring that proper roof waterproofing is done will prevent water seepages that may enter differing parts of your area.

Concrete Waterproofing Kellyville

Divisions and cracks on concrete floors and wall are not considered to be alarming in its initial stage, but these seemingly harmful symptoms can worsen over time if left unsolved. This is why you should opt for concrete repair and waterproofing the moment you notice such problems. By doing so, you’re preventing future water leakages that occur as a result of water seeping through cracks. You might be reluctant to spend some money in repairing cracks in the wall of your home, but if you do not do it now you will end up spending a lot of money in the future. This is the reason it is always wise to go for some professional concrete repair service provider.

Constant raining and erosion can also create cracks. To solve such problems, polyurethane concrete repair is usually done by a professional specialising in waterproofing. This method repairs cracks and ensures that no water seepage can pass through your concrete floors or walls. Feel free to contact us and we will assign a waterproofing Kellyville experts to visit you shortly. Consultation and quotation will be offered after inspection has been carried out.

Pool Waterproofing Kellyville

When a swimming pool’s waterproofing system is old, the integrity of the waterproofing system may be compromised due to wear and tear, structural movement, or soil settlement. Once the waterproofing system fails, the pool of water contained in the swimming pool will constantly escape through the damaged areas. A leaking swimming pool is a frustrating problem because it is difficult to pin-point the exact spot where the swimming pool water leakage is occurring.

It is especially imperative to work with waterproofing specialist contractor when it comes to repairing swimming pool’s leakage problem because it is awfully expensive to hack and remove the entire swimming pool’s waterproofing system and re-installing the entire system over again.

An experienced and knowledgeable waterproofing specialist contractor can detect and isolate the leakage areas and specifically repair the damaged areas. It is very common for swimming pools to face structural leakages and only waterproofing expert contractors will be able to distinguish the spot of structural leakages and carry out isolation repair.
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